Friday, October 24, 2014

take five...I dare you!

Today is Five Minute Friday and also day 24 in my take five series. The word for today is DARE...

Just over nine months ago I received a new title...grandma! Let me tell you it was love at first sight, actually I am pretty sure I was in love before that first peek. We prayed for that little girl every day during the pregnancy. When you pray for someone you begin to care. We didn't know who exactly we were praying for, no idea if it was a boy or a girl, no idea what the name would be. We didn't care, this little baby was special and we were in love. Now we get the privilege of praying for her by name and we are honored to pray for her daily...she is our crown. And we eagerly anticipate the day we have more crowns to pray for. (no pressure kids!)

Grandchildren are a crown of the aged...
Proverbs 17:6

My paraphrase of that verse goes more like this...
Grandchildren are a crown of the middle aged...

So, I want to dare you to do something. I dare you to look at these pictures and not smile. This little beauty is Ellie... our first crown!

*photo credits 
Mandi Pool Photography
Amber Rae Photography
Heather Boyd 
Ashley Klingsheim


  1. I took the dare and I lost! I smiled. She is beautiful and I am so happy you have a crown to wear every day. The crown of Grandma is very fine. I know, I have 18. Best to you, a FMF friend.

  2. Yep, I smiled! :-) She's precious! I love your series of taking 5-minute breaks with God. Looking forward to reading more!

  3. How very beautiful she is! I couldn't look at the pictures without smiling, either! That first one, where she's wrapped in a pink blanket and showing off those eyes, is my favorite. :)


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