Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Be Strong and Courageous...

Be strong and courageous...God says this three time to Joshua in just three verses in Joshua 1. When God says something once you listen, when He says it three times, you REALLY listen! God is saying this to Joshua just before the Israelites cross the Jordan to set foot for the first time in the Promised Land. God knows what awaits Joshua and that to be an effective leader he needs to be strong and courageous. In order to take the Promised Land many enemies must be destroyed and God is assuring Joshua that He is with them!

 Be strong and courageous...this is what God said to 12 year old Ibaragi Kun as he awaited his crucifixion in 1596. A young Japanese Christian, Ibaragi asked which cross was his; when told his was the small one, he ran up to it and embraced his cross. He faced his death with courage, and gave other believers courage as well.

 Be strong and courageous...God says this to me as well. I may not be a Joshua or an Ibaragi, but God has called me to be strong and courageous. My enemies may not be the same as Joshua, I may not be asked to recant my faith like Ibaragi, but my enemies are real. God wants me to know that He will be with me where ever I go and no matter what my enemies are!

Be strong and courageous...God tells this to me as I face the unknown. God has been working on helping me figure out what I want to be when my kids grow up! I will always be mom, but with just one year left of a bird in the nest, God has been stirring my heart. I get nervous and excited about what He has in store for me. My main ministry for 21 years has been raising my kids, in May of 2012 I will be crossing into unknown territory. I will grieve the empty nest, but God is telling me to be strong and courageous, He has great plans for me. This is important for me to know as my son goes through his  senior year and all those lasts, and I go through numerous Kleenex!

Be strong and courageous...what in your life do you need to be strong and courageous for? Do you need the reminder that God is with you where ever you are? He is...don't forget it!!!


  1. I've always like those verses in Joshua! Thanks for the reminder. :)

  2. I Google searched "be strong". I'm finding my enemies focusing on me which tells me I am where God wants me to be. As I found myself on my knees last night begging for God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit to intercede and intervene, I clung to every promise God has made and every word of encouragement ever spoken by Him. You blog post, although six months ago posted, moved me today and reassured my faith and confidence. It gave me that shot-in-the-arm that I so desperately needed today. God listens and he answers. THANK YOU from the depths of my soul for being a vessel for God. You have no idea how much this meant to me today.


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