Tuesday, September 30, 2014

31 days...

All across the blog world there is a pretty major event happening in October. Hundreds of bloggers are accepting the challenge to write on a topic for 31 days. This year, I have decided to jump on board  as well. I hesitated in doing this because my October is shaping up to be a pretty full month. However, I came to realize that in the midst of my busy schedule I need something fun, something I enjoy and something I can look forward to every day. So, at least once every day in October, I will make myself a cup of hot chocolate or tea (sorry I don't do coffee) and sit down and spend five minutes writing. It will be my break time, I am calling my series, "take five: 31 days of five minute breaks with God."

As you know one of my favorite times to blog is on Five Minute Friday. Well, Kate over at Heading Home is making October one long Five Minute Friday. This was a challenge that sounded like a lot of fun to me, one that would get me in the habit of writing every day. I pray that each day I will write something that will point you to God.

So, I will see you tomorrow. Don't forget your favorite hot beverage, find a few minutes in your day and sit with me and lets ponder what God wants us to learn from each day's word.

I will link my posts up on this page so you can follow along.

Day 1 :: Just Move...
Day 2 :: Do you see what He sees?
Day 3 :: New every morning...
Day 4 :: What can I learn?
Day 5 :: Stuck? 
Day 6 :: He Knows You...
Day 7 :: Will You Go?
Day 8 :: Say
Day 9 :: Join
Day 10 ::This man I really care about!
Day 11 :: be sure to teach them...
Day 12 :: find rest...
Day 13 :: Work
Day 14 :: they need to go away...
Day 15 :: Life
Day 16 :: sometimes you need to adjust things...
Day 17:: how long is it?
Day 18 :: Taste
Day 19 :: Honor
Day 20 :: fear not...
Day 21 :: just a second...
Day 22 :: expect to overcome...
Day 23 :: look at me...
Day 24:: Prompt revealed Oct. 23 at 10pm EST for Five Minute Friday
Day 25 :: Enjoy
Day 26 :: Visit
Day 27 :: Free 
Day 28 :: Wake 
Day 29 :: Unite
Day 30 :: First
Day 31 :: Prompt revealed Oct. 30th at 10pm EST

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