Friday, August 31, 2012

Five Minute Friday...When everything is changing...

So its that time of the week again....Five Minute Friday! One word...five editing...and lots of fun blogs to read and lots of different ways to interpret that one word! Today's word packs quite a punch for me...the word is CHANGE.


Change...I've been writing about it for months now.

Our daughter got married....change.
Our son graduated high school...change.
We said good bye to one church and community...change.
We said hello to a new church and community...change.
We took our youngest to college...change.

So much change in so little time. I've been bringing you along with all the changes and they haven't always been easy on me!

So what hasn't changed?

That is simple..God! He remains the same in the midst of all the newness of my life. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He is never changing. He is my Rock, my Fortress, He is amazing. I find no matter which church I am in I can still worship Him.

As I work through the changes, God has also given me something here on earth that remains constant as marriage. Brian is going through the same things I am, he understands, and he can give me comfort and hugs on days when the changes are just too much. On second thought, maybe my marriage has changed...its gotten stronger!!

Thank you God for change...without it I wouldn't grow....without it I would have as much reason to cling to you...without it I would have missed living in an amazing community....change is hard, but can also be very very good!


  1. Life is hard with so many changes at once. Three years ago, my husband lost his job, we lost our house. Then this year my daughter got married, my son is graduating this month (a little late), we had to sell our car....but I am so thankful to know that throughout all of this change, I can trust the Constant, never changing God!

  2. Amen, change can be very good.


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