Saturday, September 1, 2012

Chivaree is not dead...

chivaree -n
1.a discordant mock serenade to newlyweds, made with pans, kettles, etc
2. a confused noise; din 
 Brian and I are not newlyweds...yet we were the recipients of a chivaree on Thursday night! We arrived home after supper with some friends (some sneaky friends mind you!)...Brian went to open the window on our deck to let some fresh air in. As he was opening the window a loud noise began, and when I say loud noise, I mean LOUD noise. My first thought was glass was breaking, then I wondered if the deck was collapsing, were we being shot at? Brian turned the light on and we discovered a large group of our new church family in the back yard banging on pots and pans! To say we were surprised would be an understatement! What a fun way to feel welcomed and accepted into our new church family! We invited them in and enjoyed fellowship, ice cream, cookies and brownies!'s a word of advice to you. Should you get invited over to someone's house and their children start saying how tired they are and that they should go to warned...its a set up!!! Especially if these people are night owls!!!

The way it was worded is that we have newly married this church family and therefore a chivaree was in order. Chivaree is not dead!!!

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