Friday, August 17, 2012

Five Minute Friday...but I want to be comfortable...

Five Minute Friday again! One word...five minutes...whatever thoughts come to editing. Today's word is STRETCH...


Comfort zones...we all have them. We like them...after all they are comfortable and we like that. We like the predictability and ease of them.

However, if we stay there too long, we get stale, boring, and lazy. 

Sometimes, God comes along and stretches us...He pulls us out of our comfort zone. He allows us to be... dare I say uncomfortable. It is when He is doing this that life is exciting. What purpose does God have in stretching me beyond that which I am comfortable? What new chapter is He writing for me? 

Will I run back to my safe spot, where I feel at ease? Will I allow Him to continue to stretch me? 

Lord, Stretch me...mold me...use me!! Keep me out of my comfort zone!!


  1. This is such a challenge - to not stay comfortable but to grow with God and be challenged. Thanks for this today (coming to you via Lisa-Jo)

  2. I like that you used part of the Doxology in your last line. Maybe God chooses to stretch us more than "melt" us.

    I do believe He is all about getting us out of our comfort zones. He needs warriors, not couch potatoes!

    Loved your post, and thanks for dropping by my place.

  3. I'm a comfort zone type of gal, too! My prayer with you: "Lord, Stretch me...mold me...use me!! Keep me out of my comfort zone!!"
    Happy FMF, my friend!

  4. I'm fond of my comfort zone, too... but, then again, I hate it. It's a beautifully ironic thing, isn't it?! The zone that is meant to give us comfort and safety can so quickly become the place that makes us stale and stagnant. Similar thoughts came to my mind when writing on this subject. Thank you for sharing!

  5. He has definitely pulled me out of my comfortable place. The difference this time is that I can't go back to that place. I must either move forward through the pain with Him, or stand still and wallow in it. So I'm going forward. And I know that He will redeem the brokenness.

  6. I do understand. I tend to stay in my comfort zone too. But then God pushes me out. It teaches me to trust Him.

  7. This is what I need to read going into the weekend thanks

  8. It is scary at times being taken out of our comfort place and the familiar as you say is where we want to stay because it is safe. In the past couple of months I have went beyond my comfort zone but I felt it was God directed and has put me on a path which hopefully will improve my health and place me to do more of God's work. Dropped by from 5minute Friday. Behind The Smile.


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