Friday, August 10, 2012

Five Minute Friday....Take time to connect!

Today is Five Minute Friday. One word...five minutes...just writing what comes to mind.


Yesterday morning was just one of those terrible, horrible, no good, very bad days! Little things and big things derailed me and my attitude. It started with a simple task, one which should have taken five minutes but took me an hour. Technology was not my friend and this started my day off on the wrong frustrated foot.

Just when I thought I was out of my funk, I opened my load of whites to discover a pen was among those clothes. It decided to explode on my clothes, not a little but a whole lot! Well, that pretty much sunk my attitude for the morning. I blamed the one who put the pen in their pocket, thinking that would make me feel better. It didn' only made him feel bad and then I felt bad for making him feel bad! After all I know to check pockets, I do it every week, in reality I could have prevented this accident.

Thankfully, as the day progressed things got much better. God sent several people into my day to brighten my mood and make me feel connected to my new community.

As I reflect back on yesterday morning, one important ingredient was important connection was not there. I usually wake up and spend time with God. Yesterday, I woke up and tried that "simple" task, thinking I will spend time with God in five minutes. Well, that didn't happen. I went through the morning on my own strength. I never even tried to connect with God. I just kept plowing into my bad day.

Today, I woke up and first thing I did was ask God to forgive me, I asked him to steady my heart today, to be my strength today. Little annoyances will come, laundry will get ruined, technology will fail us, but as long as we connect with God everyday, He will give us the strength to get through it. Yesterday I caught a glimpse of my attitude without that connection and it was not a pretty sight!!!


  1. I always love your transparent writing. You really let us into your life, not holding back or trying to make bad days look "pretty". Your honest and I love that.

    Your closing quote is one I could have said myself time and time again: "I caught a glimpse of my attitude without that connection and it was not a pretty sight!!!" May we intentionally and purposefully stay in connected:))

  2. You are so right....days just are not good when we don't start them with connecting with God. Visiting from Lisa Jo's.

  3. It's so true that when I spend time with God first, my entire day goes so much better. Stopping over from the 5MF!

  4. Oh, boy, can I ever relate!! I, too, usually start my day spending time with God and I can sure tell when I decide to play a Spider Solitaire game or quick get some sewing done before work instead of reading God's word and praying. You would think we would learn!! I am so glad you are part of our church family!


  5. That was an amazing testiomy. Thanks for sharing. I, too, do the same thing when "pocket reamains" creatve havoc, yet I know I should have checked before tossing.


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