Monday, March 12, 2012

A Day Unlike Any Other...

This day started out different than any day prior to it. This day started with the realization that our oldest daughter would be married by the end of it. Everything seemed surreal and perfect all at the same time. This is a day Ashley had been dreaming about for sometime, and a day her father and I had been praying for since her birth. So to say this day was 22 years in the making is not an exaggeration.

I want to share with you some of the highlights from this most special of days. You have followed along as Ashley and Larry got engaged, as I've had shoe melt downs and therefore I feel like you need to hear and see some of the special happenings that day.

Bride and Bridesmaids all made up and in flannel!
Love the back of her dress!
Bride and Bridesmaids all dressed up!

Proud parents and beaming bride.

Proud and excited siblings!

So in love!

This was outside the reception site: Headwaters Science Center.
First Dance
Time for cake!


Guest Book Table

Another use of old light bulbs!

My favorite moment of the ceremony came at the very beginning. I kept my eye on Larry as Ashley and Brian appeared to walk the aisle. It was his first glimpse at his bride that day. I will never forget the look of love and affection he gave my daughter. Makes me cry now just to think of it. Then to turn and see my daughter with her eyes focused only on Larry, it was priceless!!

My husband had the privilege of marrying these two. I don't know how he did it, I cried through the whole thing! He was amazing. The wedding was amazing. Brian gave them 5 keys to marriage and he literally had keys for them. Here are the keys he shared with them:

King for the King!
Kingdom...serve His kingdom. day (no pressure though Ashley and Larry!)
Kneel...pray together.
Kiss...and make up.

At the end of the wedding before he pronounced them husband and wife, Brian took the keys out of his pocket and showed them one more key. This was a car a 2012 Lamborghini! Ok, it was a key to an imaginary 2012 Lamborghini! When Ashley was younger she heard a speaker say that girls are like a Lamborghini, of great price and value and they should be treated as such by a man. Ashley even had a shirt that said "I'm a Lamborghini". So Brian explained this and then handed Larry the keys. Hopefully they aren't too disappointed that we didn't buy them a $400,000 car!

Just look at my husband's expression...priceless!

The day went by far to quickly, the reception was so much fun. People had time to play in the Science Center, enjoy some good food and even dance a little. At the reception our daughter Abby gave her Maid of Honor toast and she chose to present it as a song. She wrote it herself; it is an amazing song!! (This was recorded on my husband's excuse the quality...but you can get the idea of how awesome of a song it truly is)

It was truly a special day! The newlyweds are all settled in their apartment and happy as can be! 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your daughter's special day! I love weddings and wedding pictures (and the video was a special treat!) Congratulations to your daughter and your family. I pray many blessings for them in the years to come. Thanks for linking up with NOBH! Smiles -

  2. Oh, my gosh. You've brought tears to my eyes with your recounting of the day. Having had a daughter get married almost two years ago, your images and descriptions bring back so much of the love and joy that filled our day.

    So happy for you that the day was full of love, and that Lamborghini story is wonderful.

  3. Wow! My son will turn 22 this month and I can't even wrap my brain around the idea that he would be ready for marriage! haha! But young ladies do seem to mature a bit more rapidly! ;) Thanks for sharing the joyful day and all the fun little details with us. Congrats!


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