Friday, March 9, 2012

5 Minute Friday...Empty

It's once again Friday, that means 5 Minute Friday. One word, five minutes, no editing!
Today's word is EMPTY.


When I first read today's word I wasn't sure what direction this would take. You see my heart is so full right now. Our oldest daughter was married last Saturday and it was the most amazing day ever. Yesterday our son's Mock Trial team competed at regionals and made it to state. Our middle daughter has been home on spring break and I have loved having her around and talking with her. My heart has just been so full...on Monday my hubby and I spend the whole day together driving home from the wedding and we had the BEST day!

But then, it hit me what the word empty means to me. My nest will be emptying out very soon. Our son graduates in May, he is our youngest and it looks like he will not just be going away to school, but he will be going to Texas. I have very mixed feeling about this. I love being a mom and I know that will continue, it will just be different. We are a homeschooling family, so that means I have spent every day....all day with my kids. 

My quote has been..."what do I want to be when my kids grow up." Motherhood and intentional parenting has been my life for 22 years. Now I am facing the unknown. What shape will that take? I know the good byes will be hard, I know there will be tears (lots of them). I also know who holds my future and that excites me. I have some areas I am very passionate about, the persecuted church, pro-life, prayer, the family....what ministry will God guide me to involving those...or does he have something even different in store for me. All I know is this next year will be an emotional one, but exciting at the same time. As my kids continue to follow God's plan for their will I!

For I know the plan I have for you declares the Lord. 
Jeremiah 29:11


  1. Hi neighbor...oh yes...I am right there 2...I have 3 adult children out ...some son who graduates this more daughter at home...she will be an only child...big adjustments..I too homeschool...I think this transition is a bit harder on homeschooling is a bitter sweet time...
    blessings as you transition through...

  2. What changes are in store for you. Prayers go out to you as go through the adjustments. And congrats on the marriage of your daughter.

  3. Congratulations on your daughter's marriage. My oldest daughter will be married in June. My other three are 17, 11 and 8, so I have a ways to go before I see an empty nest. Praying God will help you through this time of change in your life.

  4. I guess life is about change isn't it? With change comes different responsibilities and different roles. The hardest part is just accepting the fact that change is good! We like being comfortable and sometimes the unknown is not so comfortable. With God's help you will make it! God has plans for you far beyond what you imagine! Lewis


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