Friday, March 30, 2012

5 Minute Friday...Gift from God...

Yep...its 5 Minute Friday again. This is where we bloggers write on one word for 5 editing, just what comes to mind. After reading my post, head over to Gypsy Mama for many more great posts! Today's word is GIFT.


I closed my eyes and slipped away into a took me to a place where I had never been....looking beyond your eyes, love that is easy to're a gift from God to me...

These are just some of the words to a song called Gift from God. It was sung at our wedding some 23+ years ago. Whenever I hear the word gift, this song comes immediately to my mind. I strongly believe other than salvation, Brian is the greatest gift God has ever given me. God knew just what type of man I needed and Brian is truly that man.

God has blessed us with gifts along the way as well. He has given three amazing kids, Ashley, Abby and Caleb and more recently our son-in-law Larry. All four of them are walking with the Lord, something we have prayed for since Ashley was born.

God is truly amazing and He has surrounded me with amazing people to love!!!
Our most recent family picture. The day our daughter married her best friend and God's gift to her!!

This is the song Gift from God. Brian...I still feel and always will that you are a gift from God to me!!!


  1. I loved reading about your gift(s). I feel the same way about my husband. Your family picture is a treasure.

  2. beautiful gift(s) from God. I have also been gifted with an amazing man! blessings


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