Friday, March 16, 2012

5 Minute Friday...My brave heroes....

Today is 5 Minute Friday. 5 minutes of writing, no editing, just what comes to mind. It's amazing to me how some weeks I can barely write a paragraph in 5 minutes and others my fingers fly. It's fun, you should try it sometime!

Today's word is BRAVE.

 Brave...this word does not describe me...if you walk in a room and startle me, I jump...if I see a mouse or worse a snake, I scream...when it comes to flying, don't even try and get me on that plane! I am just a jumpy person who worries way too much. So when looking for examples of bravery do not look to me. To me a hero is a brave person. Following are some of my heroes:

Ruth...she left her homeland to go with her mother-in-law. She could have returned to her own family, but she went with Naomi and was blessed for that.

Corrie ten Boom...she lived in a complex time and helped save Jews from punishment. She herself was imprisoned, but that did not silence her voice.

Elisabeth Elliot...her husband was killed was killed by the Auca Indians, yet she went on to live among these very people and minister to them.

Tenille ...four year ago she received devastating news about the baby she was carrying. Isaac would not survive for long once he was born. She bravely faced a pregnancy nurturing and loving a baby she knew would most likely not live long after he was born. She gave Isaac life and loved him as fully as she possibly could. He only lived a few hours, but I know that is time Tenille and her family will always treasure. God helped her face this difficult time.

Jennifer...she watched her four year old son Isaac suffer for weeks. This ended in a funeral not long ago. Yet, she still is clinging to Jesus. She is suffering herself, but she is telling Isaac's story and is praying for this tragedy to lead others to Christ.

Jennifer's daughter Emily...she is 7...she gave bone marrow to Isaac. What a brave thing for a little girl to do and what an act of love!

All of these women probably never thought they had what it takes to face the circumstances they did, but God gave them the grace, perseverance and bravery to carry on. These women are my heroes!


  1. you are most likely braver then you know... just remember you walk in the wake of a doesn't matter about your strength...

  2. returning the visit!
    your post has blessed me...thank you. I too, am not very brave, especially in comparison to these women and sweet darling girl. thank God that He is strong and in my weakness that is made evident.
    have a blessed weekend

  3. What wonderful stories! I find that God makes us braver than we think we are.

  4. these examples most definitely speak of bravery... I bet your story does too :)

  5. Sometimes God's bravery for us is not shone to us till we truely need it. What great women and their stories that we can share. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for sharing! With God's help we can all be "brave" in sharing the gospel! Lewis


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