Friday, March 23, 2012

5 Minute Friday...Live Out Loud

It has been one of those weeks....not much blogging going on in my world. But I can always find time for 5 Minute Friday. If not then I know I'm too busy! So here goes, one word, 5 minutes, no editing allowed. Today's word is LOUD.

You've heard the expression "You're actions speak louder than your words." This is so true. As Christians it is especially true. Once we have declared to others that we are Christians our lives become like that of a specimen under a microscope. Shouting out loud that Jesus is our Lord is very important, we should never fear singing our praises to our King.

However, if our lives don't match up with our words, the actions will speak more to an observer. We need to live our faith out loud. This means 24/7, everywhere we go, no matter our circumstances. We are like ambassadors for Christ. If people see something different in our lives, that is good. If our lives blend in with those around us, then we need to ask our selves if we are doing something wrong.

My desire is that my life be a witness to Christ. I am convicted today to examine my own life and that of my family and see what kind of life we are living out loud for the Lord. The reason for this examination is so that one day I may hear these words from my Savior..."Well done good and faithful servant."


  1. Great reminder to squelch the desire to be like the world. God has called us for something bgger! I want to be a part of that...for the sake of the world.

  2. living out loud for our Lord!!! Amen!!!


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