Saturday, September 8, 2012

Nine years ago...

**Today I turn my blog over to husband. This is a tribute to my father-in-law, who passed away nine years ago today. My favorite memories of him are the way his eyes twinkled when he would spend time with his grand-kids and no matter how hard we tried we could never beat him at cribbage.

 Today is  September 8th, 2012.  When I look at the calender and see the date I remember that it was 9 years ago today that my dad went to be with the Lord.  He had fought cancer for over two years.  He was a man of great strength and courage. The way he handled his fight with cancer was the same way that he lived his life.  He walked straight into the trial with courage and confidence that he could fight this.  Fight he did! 

As I reflect on this day it seems so unreal that 9 years has passed.  He is ok.  For I know he is with the Lord.  In the final weeks of his life God gave me some special time with my dad.  We talked about his faith in Christ. In August of 2003 we all began to realize that his time here on this earth was limited.  This trial and test was one of the most difficult tests of my life.  God where are you? Why is this happening? How long can this continue?  God answered my prayers and delivered my dad from cancer on that September day.  Cancer didn't win, God won and my dad is free!

The truth is that life is a precious gift and none of us know how much time we will have.  So we must, as I saw my dad do, live life to the fullest. Thank God for the time that we have been given.  Make the most of everything that God has entrusted to us.  Live life in a way that brings honor to God and to those in our lives that mean the most to us.

I thank God for my dad.  He was a support, an encouragment, an example and an inspiration to me.
When I think of my dad and the gift of life I have been given, I remind myself that I need to live life to the fullest.  I grew up in a family where faith and family were important.  So I continue to honor my dad and my heavenly Father by living each day to honor him.

Life is such a brief, precious and fragile gift. 

What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes
James 4:14

With the time God has given me to live here on this earth I choose to live my life with eternity in mind. God help me keep my eye on the prize.  My eyes are fixed on Jesus the author and perfecter of my faith.

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  1. Yes, you and James have it right about how fragile and short life is. (But I didn't know that when I was younger!) Thanks for being exemplary in living your life to honor God, so the rest of us could see his glory!


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