Thursday, September 6, 2012

Five Minute Friday...Who me...Graceful?!

It's Five Minute Friday time again! That means two things...its almost the weekend and I get to partake in my favorite activity of the week. The rules are simple...5 editing and lots of interesting takes to read about. So check out my blog and then head over to Lisa Jo's place to read even more ideas on this one word. Today's word made me laugh out is GRACEFUL.


If there was one word that does not describe me its graceful. I just don't possess that quality. I think of all my accidents as a child...I flipped a mini bike...I ran a snowmobile into a barbed wired fence...I hit a parked car while riding my bike....I biffed it big time warming up for hurdles in track (still have part of the track in my knee. The list could go on...but I do only have 5 minutes.

In fact, I currently have a corn maze injury. Yes, I got hurt in a corn maze!! Let's just say it was not graceful and after a week I can barely walk down stairs without sharp pain in my right leg! (Yeah...I see a doctor visit in my near future).

The theme of the corn maze was the Titanic. Guess I went down with the ship!!
 So, God may not have gifted me with that kind of grace. That grace I can live without (of course it can create pain!), but thankfully God has gifted me with His grace! I thank Him for it if I look at it that way I am grace-FULL!


  1. So thankful we full of grace that only comes for our Lord! :)

  2. Grace-full. I'll be thinking on this today.

  3. LOVE this!!!
    So happy to have stopped by for FMF inspiration!!

  4. I really like the Grace-full mention!

  5. Enjoyed this. Makes me laugh to think of all those childhood blunders. Reminded me of my driving skills while in "reverse."


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