Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Ah...home sweet home...

We arrived in Roseau exactly two months ago today! We were excited, we were exhausted and we were a bit emotional. We asked ourselves, what have we done? Are we ready for this? Is it to late to back out?

On our second day we received a bag of goodies from Roseau, kind of like a welcome wagon! This bag had a saying on it..."Roseau, Feels Like Home" . We chuckled to ourselves because it didn't feel like home yet. In fact, at the time we were standing in our new home with only one piece of furniture (thankfully a bed!). We weren't even sure when the stuff that made us feel at home would show up!

Two months later we are still very much newbies in town. Still trying to figure things out. We are still waiting for our Minnesota driver's licenses to come in the mail. The grocery store still confuses me and I find myself searching for items on my list. I have yet to get my hair cut because changing hair dressers is a big deal! (I better get over that one soon...I'm in need!)

Two months later and we now own Roseau Rams clothing, we even own Polaris shirts (even though I suspect Brian would be happier with something from Polaris that had a motor!). We are settling into a new community. We can drive most places in town and not get lost! We find ourselves knowing more names on a Sunday morning in church. We have been to sporting events and cheered on our new team...the Rams. There's something about high school sports that makes us feel a part of a community.

Last week I spent most of my time painting, painting and still painting our kitchen! When I started I was planning on using red as an accent color. What I wound up with was an almost entirely red kitchen! This is why I spent the whole week requires lots of coats. Anyway, when I was done Brian told me this now feels like home to him. That made me smile; I want this house to be a home!

The only part of the kitchen not painted red is the backsplash.

Gone are the grapevines on the pillars. Someday the pillars may be gone as well...we're waiting to see if the grow on us!

New light in dining room...much more understated than the previous one!

 We are still newbies and will most likely continue to be for quite sometime; but I can say...with confidence that "Roseau, Feels Like Home!"  Brian and I are so excited to see just what God has in store for us here!

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