Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Two special September days...and one in March...

In our family birthdays are a big deal. We love to spoil the person whose birthday it is. We love celebrating the day our children took their first breath. We also love to celebrate another birthday for them....their spiritual birthday. This is the day each of our children decided they wanted to become a Christian...the day they accepted Jesus as their Savior.

Today, we celebrate Ashley's spiritual birthday. She was just a little one when this happened. We had been praying for this day since before she was born. After she prayed, we told her there was a party going on in heaven...that the angels were rejoicing with her. So we did the best we could on short notice and threw her a party. It was right before bedtime, so we popped some popcorn and had root beer. To a three year old, this was a party. Woohoo!! Ashley's first prayer as a Christian was for her sister Abby to become a Christian. I'm sure had we had Caleb at the time she would have prayed for him then as well (he was but a glimmer!).

One year later we celebrated Ashley's spiritual birthday and being creatures of habit, we did the same thing...popcorn and root beer. By now Abby was almost three and curious as to why big sis was having a party. A little over a week later, she and Ashley were discussing this party after we had tucked them in for the night. After some discussion Ashley came out and said...well Abby's a Christian now. We were  a bit on the skeptical side. So we started questioning Abby and sure enough she truly had prayed to become a Christian. Not only had Ashley's first prayer as a Christian been for Abby; God allowed her to be the one to lead her to Christ. Pretty amazing!!!

Not to leave out Caleb, he also became a Christian at a young age. We celebrate his special day in March. Brian was the one who was privileged to get to lead Caleb to the Lord.

A lot of people were skeptical when we share how young our children were when they became Christians. However, that is the journey God led them on. They have grown up loving the Lord and each year on their spiritual birthdays Brian and I thank God for answering that prayer of ours. We feel truly blessed with each of these kids. We have had the honor of watching them grow in their faith and we continue to pray for them to follow the Lord.

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