Friday, July 8, 2011


Pardon my mess. My boys have been out of town this week volunteering at the John Deere Classic (its a golf tournament) and I have been home alone. So, because I'm alone, I converted my living room into a scrapbooking room, and I've made a pretty big mess! I sit and scrap and watch chick flicks and reminisce and don't worry about the mess. By the time Brian and Caleb get home, the room will be back to itself and I will have the joy of a scrapbook with at least a dozen new pages done!

 I have piles of pictures, each picture represents a memory. Back when the kids were little we still used 35 mm film and so we had to be particular about what we took pictures of. Even with that restriction, I am faced with what seems to be a mountain of pictures and even more memories.

 After sifting through the memories I find some that will work perfect in this scrapbook and I painstakingly arrange them in a way that (to me) looks the best. Its lots of cutting, gluing, and arranging; mixed in with some laughs and some tears.

A common thread in my pages and pictures is togetherness and family and the good times and the laughter and the love.

This got me thinking about the Bible. I am convinced Mary would have been a "scrapper". She would have for sure had a page or more dedicated to the night of Jesus' birth. Instead she did the next best thing, she stored them up in her heart!

But Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart. Luke 2:19
A picture for Mary's scrapbook

As a scrapbooker, I look over the lives of my family and decide which memories to put in my book. That thought got me thinking, if God were to make a scrapbook of me and my life, what things would he choose to remember with a page? I choose the significant events and photos that show the best of my family. What in my life is significant to God? What are those moments that I have made him proud of me? Would I pick the same moments as Him? Is my scrapbook still empty or am I doing things that are worthy of God taking a snapshot of?

How will God finish this page?  What captions will he use? 
Here's one I hope to find in my scrapbook.
Well done, good and faithful servant!
Matthew 25:23

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