Monday, July 25, 2011

17 years ago...

 17 years ago, God saw fit to complete our family with a "little" boy! Caleb John was born on July 25, 1994 and weighed in tipping the scales at 10 lbs. 8 oz. Today my "little" boy towers over me at 6' 3"! Caleb has done a lot of growing in the past 17 years!

 My son is 17, the age he will be when he graduates from high school. So this birthday marks the beginning of a bittersweet roller coaster year for me. I find myself asking is my heart ready for this journey? Can't I have just one more year? Caleb's got a bright a future, that I know. He is ready for this transition, but am I?

I remember when the kids were little and I would hold them in my arms and rock them back and forth, it became second nature to do that rocking motion whenever I was holding them. In fact, I would rock even if someone else was holding them, it just became something I did. Mothering is a such a part of who I am, as Caleb goes off will I still be "rocking him back and forth". You don't just stop being a mom or mothering, anyway I haven't found the on/off switch if there is one. I realize that I will always be mom, but my role will be going through a transition. That is part of life, change and transition. I am confident when the time comes for our nest to be empty, God will provide me with what I need! For now, I am just going to enjoy this next year and treasure all of Caleb's lasts as much as I treasured all his firsts!

17 facts about this amazing boy:
  1. Caleb loves and adores his sisters very much! He's not only their little brother but also their big brother!
  2. Caleb is almost never wrong when it come to facts. In fact, he has taken a test and not agreed with the answer key, emailed the text book company and proved them wrong! (more than once)
  3. Golf is Caleb's favorite sport, most days you can find him working on his game.
  4. Pizza is Caleb's job, he works several days a week, making pizza to support his golf habit!
  5. Caleb and I are so much alike, its scary!
  6. Caleb has his dad's sense of humor. He is a very witty boy!
  7. Nicknames: Cable, Little Jimmy, Buddy, the Boy and more.
  8. This kid loves Christian Rap.
  9. He is in Mock Trial and is an amazing lawyer.
  10. Apologetics is something he is good at. He loves a good debate.
  11. He plans on majoring in chemistry (for now) and will be applying to LeTourneau and Cedarville in the fall.
  12. In 2000, at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, we temporarily misplaced Caleb, scariest 10 minutes ever!
  13. Caleb became a Christian on March 20th, 1997.
  14. When he was 8 weeks old, he developed asthma and was rushed to the emergency room, the other scariest moment with him. He's pretty much outgrown it now!
  15. This kid has the worst eye sight in our family, but he has great vision!
  16. Before he was born the doctor told us we were having a girl. So he was a fun surprise. God knew we needed a boy to complete us!
  17. He plays guitar and drums, but seems to prefer the guitar.

Thank you Lord for the privilege of being Caleb's mom!

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  1. WOW...10 lbs!!! My first was 5.3. I wouldn't know what to do with 10 lbs. :) Thank you for sharing and for linking up with us. Blessings xoxo


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