Friday, January 31, 2014

Five Minute hero???

Today is Five Minute Friday. One word...five editing. Today's word is HERO.


I love to look up words in Webster's 1828 dictionary. So I looked up hero this morning. The second definition strikes me as interesting. It simply states a hero is a great, illustrious or extraordinary person. It doesn't say a hero wears a cape, it doesn't say a hero is famous, athletic or simply says great, illustrious or extraordinary.

When my kids were little they made me feel like I was great, illustrious and extraordinary. They were amazed at all my "talents". They could never figure out how I knew everything. I think they really thought I had eyes in the back of my head. They were so easily amazed. I will never forget the summer Brian and I worked out stress in our lives by golfing regularly. We would often times take the kids with us to walk the saved us babysitting money and burned some of their excess energy. Whenever Brian and I would hit the ball at least one of the kids would gasp and say wow...what a great shot. I would smile...walk 50 yards and hit that ball again. They didn't know I had just duffed it, they thought I was great!

So moms...remember today that to those little are a hero. To them you are are are extraordinary. Even when you are stressed and duff it...they look up to you...they love you. To them its not about performance...its about love. They don't care if your hair is a bit disheveled or they don't even care about your facebook status, they love you...just the way you are!


  1. Love this! I still have one that thinks I'm a hero and one that is entering pre-teen years where I'm anything but a hero, lol. The middle one goes back and forth. But it is a good reminder that we don't have to be extraordinary in the world's eyes in order to be extraordinary to our kids. Thank you!

  2. Yes - so much truth here! There are heros all around us - if only we would pause and really see!

  3. Great post! Always good to remember that our children to look to us to be examples in how we speak, how we live and how we exemplify Him - every day. As they say, "more is caught then taught". It is something I've thought of a lot the last few weeks as I see our two youngest being parented radically different than our three oldest, and I see their joy emanate as a result. Blessings!

  4. Visiting from FMF... good word! Be courageous in your hero-ness! HA!


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