Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Just dreamin'...

I have always loved listening to my husband preach. I find it a privilege to get to see the time and energy he spends preparing his sermons, I get to pray for him and cheer him on. It truly is an honor to be his wife!

It can be an interesting experience listening to the man you share life with preaching. Some Sundays I find myself distracted (ok...the proper term here is actually annoyed with him) and it's challenging to listen to him preach. I mean we are just a normal couple and some days things just don't quite click. Some Sundays I find myself distracted (ok...the proper term here is actually twitterpatted) and find myself smiling inside that this is my man. Doesn't matter what he says...I'm in love. Some Sundays I find myself distracted (ok...proper term here is critical...ouch) and I find myself picking at what he is wearing  or what he does with his arms or how he pronounces something. None of these ways is the ideal way to be open to what God is saying through Brian.

Thankfully most weeks, I am attentive and my heart is prepared to hear what God is saying, Sunday was one such day. God spoke right to my heart, just thinking about it brings tears to my eyes.

Brian's current sermon series is called Finding Your Place on the Wall, a study on the book of Nehemiah. On Sunday he spoke about pursuing dreams. He said if God has given you a dream then don't give up, he said to keep your dream alive. God spoke to me and reminded me of a dream that Brian and I share, a dream we were letting die. We didn't intentionally let it die, but we did let life get in the way. We have had so many changes and big events in our lives that we put this dream on the shelf and forgot it was there.

As Brian continued to preach, I felt excitement. I felt something stirring up inside of me. God gave us a vision and a dream several years ago, is now the time for us to begin working together towards that vision? (Don't worry kids and church family...this dream does not involve a move!)

When God gives you a dream, He doesn't just leave you hanging. He will give the tools and resources needed. Sometimes He allows you to carry that dream in your heart for a time, I believe He uses this time to prepare your heart.

So, now is the time for Brian and I to begin praying and discussing this dream. I find myself excited to see just what this means. How about you? What has God placed on your heart? What passions do you have? What makes your heart beat? Read through the book of Nehemiah and see how his burden and dream became a reality. God worked through Nehemiah and that wall got built. What's your wall?

stay tuned for more on our dream...right now its just for us...


  1. Brenda, I envy you for having a dream! For me, life just seems to get in the way of any dreams I may have and it seems to just take too much energy to do anything more than survive. But maybe it's time I start asking God what His dreams are for me, and start listening!! Thanks so much for sharing from your heart. And I am so glad your dream does not involve a move! I think you are here for life!

  2. Thanks for your honesty Brenda. It's so refreshing when people are real! Can't wait to watch your dream unfold! God is good! :) karena

  3. So great that you have the same dream.


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