Friday, January 24, 2014

Five Minute Friday...Visit

On Fridays I link up with a group who like to blog for Five Minutes. We call it Five Minute Friday, it helps me get the cobwebs out and just write whatever comes to mind. We are given one word and five minutes to write on that editing allowed! Today's word is VISIT.


Hi, my name is Brenda and I'm an empty-nester...

 Some days I love being able to say that, as my husband and I enjoy another adventure or just a quiet evening at home. Some days, that statement brings tears to my eyes as I find myself missing the hub of activity kids at home can bring. The hardest days come right after a visit with the kids...those days the silence is our home is deafening.

Its hard sometimes to wrap my mind around the fact that when we see the kids now, it is called a visit. Seems so formal, so removed from doing life together. Of course there is nothing formal about our visits. I cherish them so much, they are filled with noise, laughter, telling stories, playing games and now with a grandchild in the mix...cuddling. We have such limited time together we truly make the most out of our "visits". Just last week we saw all of our kids on the same day...not at the same time, but it was  big travel day and we got a little bit of time with each one!

Yes, life is different now. Different isn't a bad thing...but different does take some time to adjust to. Hello has become my new favorite word, good bye...not so much. I have found that when I have a day where I miss the kids, I have two sources of strength to lean on. First and foremost is God, He comforts me and His word encourages me. The other one is Brian, he gives me a shoulder and allows me to have a bad day now and again.

And now I find myself looking forward to our next visit...but in the meantime I will continue to be mom...I will love them and pray for them and keep in touch!

Sometimes visiting requires a plane ride...


  1. It's interesting the connotation this word has in our culture now...visit. It's almost an old-fashioned notion, or like you said, "formal." But there's nothing formal about it. And for me, that's the best part! I enjoyed your post, Brenda.

  2. It IS weird that it's now a "visit", isn't it? Hadn't really thought of it, but it's so true. I will say that you and your husband sure appear to have some good visiting going on in each others' company. God is good, isn't He?


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