Friday, January 17, 2014

Five Minute Friday...Encouragement

On Friday's we write for Five Minutes. On Friday's we don't worry so much about editing. The rules are simple, one word, five minutes! Today's word is Encouragement.


She sat about five rows in front of me. She was traveling along with her little girl, a little girl who didn't particularly want to be there. She was maybe two, but most likely younger. She was not happy, for almost 3 hours she was not happy. The plane started taxiing toward take off and this little one was not amused. The plane began its ascent into the clouds and this little one let us all know she was not having fun. As soon as we reached elevation this mom put on her carrier and bounced her little girl up and down the aisle, the girl whimpered and whined. There was at least one trip to the bathroom, can you imagine you and a toddler in an airport bathroom, but she did it! The plane began its descent for landing, that little girl let us know once again what she thought of this whole altitude change, she was not happy.

As we were walking down the aisle to leave the plane this mom stood there, looking a bit worn and tired. Her baby still had tears in her eyes, but she was calm now. We walked past her and I spoke a few simple words....You're a good mom! She smiled, I can only imagine that she was not getting reassuring smiles from all the travelers and I wanted simply to encourage her, to give her just enough fuel to make it to baggage claim and out the door.

It didn't cost me anything, it wasn't even hard. Who in your world needs a few simple words today?? Look for them, they are there!


  1. Hi Brenda. Stopping by from FMF. What a kind thing you did. I am sure it meant so much to that mom. We've been there and had those glares. Your gift to her was a gift to yourself too. Thanks for sharing this sweet story.

  2. All moms need that little bit of reassurance that we are doing something right!


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