Thursday, February 21, 2013

When your kids won't listen...part two...

Earlier this week I shared with you how Brian and I were looking forward to a nice calm year in 2013. We figured it would be a good year to continue to settle into our new community and just experience very minimal change. Our daughter Ashley and her husband Larry are graduating in May, so we knew that big event was coming up. One big event we thought we could handle! Like I said yesterday, our kids don't listen to us. Seems, they are listening to God!

Our daughter Abby assured us nothing major would be in store for her. She was content with her life and even said, "I think I'm too busy for a relationship now." As you may remember when Abby least expected it, God brought along that relationship for her in a most awesome way. Go here to read the beginning of her love story.

Growing up Abby said that when the right man came into her life she would know quickly and things would move fast as well. Both Josh and Abby knew from almost the beginning that they were meant to be together. In fact, Josh called my husband within a week of their first date to see how long he needed to wait to propose! Can't blame him for knowing a good thing when he sees it. Well, my husband being who he is promptly texted Josh this verse as an answer.... "So Jacob served seven years for Rachel, and they seemed to him but a few days because of the love he had for her." Genesis 29:20. We thought that seemed reasonable, it certainly was scriptural after all. 

  After giving it some prayer and discussion, Brian told Josh to wait 90 days and then they could have this conversation again. Josh didn't wait 91 days, he didn't wait 89 days, he called on the 90th day! Thankfully, we had been observing them and praying for them for those 90 days. Still the actual moment of Brian giving Josh his blessing was hard. Not hard because we don't love Josh, not hard because of how quickly things moved; no it was hard because this is Brian's last daughter. He just gave one daughter away less than a year ago and now he has the honor of doing it again. 

90 days does seem fast, faster than we ever thought we would be comfortable with. God likes to do things outside the box and he has given us such a peace about this, it is amazing. So I suppose in this case, not only were our kids listening to God, so were we! 

On Saturday, February 16, Abby and Josh became engaged!!!! The adventure is just beginning. The engagement will be short, but I believe their life together will be long and filled with all sorts of God-sized blessings.

Following are Abby's words about this exciting time in her life:

After Josh and I went out for coffee for the first time I knew that this guy was unlike any other. It excited me to think about getting to know him more. The night that Josh asked me out officially, I knew then that I would be more than OK with marrying this man, but I also knew I would be OK with waiting on God's timing. I had to and must continue to surrender this relationship to the Lord and trust Him to lead us and to lead Josh.
      During Christmas break Josh and I spent time apart and it was through this that I realized that I loved Josh and God truly confirmed in my heart that I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with this man. My relationship with Josh has been one God-thing after another. When he got down on one knee there wasn't a doubt in my mind that I was more than ready to say YES! God has brought Josh and I together in His perfect timing. It may seem fast to some but to those who know both of us they know we are not rushing into things but truly seeking out what God has for us. Nothing excites me more than to thinking of spending the rest of my life serving Christ with this man at my side.
    God has taught me so much through my relationship with Josh and I know He will continue to do so as we prepare for our wedding and as we begin our marriage. With Christ as our foundation I'm excited to see what lies ahead. 5 months ago I never would have thought I would be sitting here telling you that I am engaged and getting married.  I am amazed by God's faithfulness and perfect timing. He sure is full of surprises!  

Not long before the proposal...if you look closely you can see the microphone Josh was wearing for the video camera!

The card he gave her said he would love her until the last rose dies, notice the rose she is holding, it is a rose that has been dipped in will never die!!!


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