Thursday, February 14, 2013

Five Minute Friday...He is mine...

Today is Five Minute Friday. The rules are simple. Write for 5 minutes on one word, no editing allowed (so please forgive typos!). When you are done reading mine, go over to Lisa-Jo's blog and check out what perspective others had on this word. Today's word is BELOVED.


My beloved is mine, and I am his...Song of Solomon 2:16.
He walks in a room and I can't help but smile....this is my beloved.
He holds me when I cry and I can't help but feel safe...this is my beloved.
He prays for me daily and I feel blessed...this is my beloved.
We can sit for hours and not say a word, we are together...this is my beloved.
He cries during movies, he is sensitive...this is my beloved.
He's my favorite preacher, and he can preach it...this is my beloved.
He is patient with me, when I don't deserve it...this is my beloved.
His love for me has never wavered...this is my beloved.
His name is Brian and he is mine and I am his!!!
And this fact blesses me immensely!!!!!
The snowy Valentine he made me!!

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