Thursday, February 28, 2013

Five Minute Friday...I'm just ordinary...

Five Minute Friday time again. Where we are given just one word and have five minutes to record our thoughts on that one word. No editing allowed, just our thoughts as they come to us. Read my thoughts and then be sure and check back at Lisa-Jo's place for what others have to say. Today's word is ORDINARY...


Excuses....we all have them. We use them to explain why we won't take a risk. A common one is...God can't use me...I'm nobody...I'm just a common ordinary person. And then we settle back into our common comfortable lives...

God can use fact he shines in using the ordinary.

Ruth...just an ordinary woman...she is part of the lineage of Jesus.
Esther...just an ordinary woman...she became a queen and saved a nation....for such a time as this.
David....just an ordinary shepherd boy...he became a man after God's own heart and a king.
Mary...just an ordinary girl...yet she become the mother to Jesus.
12 ordinary men...they became Jesus' disciples...they carried the Gospel after Jesus was gone.

The Bible is full of God using ordinary people and doing extraordinary things with them. more excuses. If God calls you to something...dive in...he's got a plan to move you from ordinary to extraordinary. All you have to do is listen for His voice!!

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