Friday, June 1, 2012

Five Minute Friday...I see my kids...

 It's Five Minute Friday! One editing...just writing my thoughts. I was prepared for any word today, you see last night I watched the National Spelling Bee and was ready for a word like fjeld (yeah that d is silent!). I was ready for a word with 14 letters. I must say I was a bit relieved to find a word I didn't have to look up or guess how to pronounce! Today's word is SEE.

I remember like it was yesterday, when the kids were little.

I would be busy in the kitchen or cleaning and Abby would run in and say mommy watch me. She would do a cartwheel or the splits and I would glance at her and say good job. But did I see her? Did I see the excitement in her eyes. Did I realize that she just needed my attention?

Ashley would draw me a picture and say mommy look at my picture. I would glance at is and say good job. But did I really see the picture? Did I see that she drew a picture of me? Did I see how excited she was to show me her art work?

Caleb would be building a lego house and say look mommy I built a house. I would glance up and say good job buddy. But did I see what he really built? Did I see that he had an amazing mind and at such a young age could build amazing things?

I know there were times I did see those things in my kids. I also know there were times that I just told them good job because I was trying to get my work done. Thankfully I learned pretty early on in their lives to "see" my look beyond what they were doing to see their heart.

Today when I see my kids, I see their hearts. I see Ashley's heart was made to be a wife and mother. She has such an amazing capacity to love. I see Abby's heart in full of compassion for lost people, her heart will help her have an amazing ministry. I see Caleb's heart, he's my gentle giant. He is so analytical, but underneath all that is a sweet man who loves Jesus.

Take a minute today and try to see someone heart!


  1. I loved this post. My kids are still small and I need to open my eyes and stop glancing and actually see. Thanks!

  2. thank you for the reminder to not just look...but to really see!!


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