Monday, June 18, 2012

Yikes...we're moving!!

Some days it hits me more than others that we are in fact moving. Today was one of those days! Stress from moving is a funny thing, it can build and build and then all of the sudden you are crying and don't know exactly why. Once again, my husband's broad shoulders and strong arms were there to just let me cry.

We have moved several times in our marriage and I have always said, I love moving! I love packing, I love the adventure of it all, but this move is different. Perhaps its as simple as being more hormonal these days (age will do that to you) or perhaps its because our children are not exactly moving with us. Sure, we are moving tons of their things, but they will only visit us and their stuff on occasion. Today I found myself going through all the things they had set aside for the garage sale, and I found it to be hard. This took me by surprise, I am a thrower. I never have a hard time getting rid of toys and stuff, but this time I am just a big sentimental cry baby! All those stuffed animals and puzzles and dolls; they no longer need them.

God is amazing though. In the midst of my wallowing He allowed me to find a workbook from a parenting conference Brian and I went to years ago. I didn't look through the book; I didn't have to. That conference was amazing and I remember some of the things they taught us all to clearly. We filled out a target for each one of our children. Our children are arrows that we raise and release, and we prayed about what we wanted on the target for our little arrows. Let me tell you, they are all three flying straight and true towards the goals we set and prayed for them. So, maybe, just maybe, I will be ok moving only their stuff to Roseau. After all, if they were still living with us, they will have missed the mark we prayed so fervently for. This thing called the empty nest is not for cowards. It's tough stuff; but its part of life. We have always celebrated every milestone in our children's lives and right now we are facing a milestone and a new beginning of our own. Even though its hard we need to celebrate that as well.  So maybe today wasn't as much about moving, but about moving on.

Does this mean there will be no more tears? No, it means that God has worked on my heart and given me peace amid the tears and difficult days ahead. He is amazing!! He allows me to have my little tantrums, but then He gently calms me down and fills me with that amazing peace!!

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