Thursday, May 31, 2012

Who us...normal?!?!?

Something struck me today about my family. We are not normal!!! I came as a shock to me too...ok, actually I've known the truth for sometime! We have never tried to be normal, we have never tried to be something we are not, we have always tried to be real. I think that could explain the following collection of family pictures and why they are all my favorites. We do not do good with conventional posing. So please, enjoy a bit of the real Haynes family!! We are just a family who loves Jesus, loves each other, we laugh together and cry together, and can't take a normal picture!!

Ok, this picture needs an explanation. When Ashley went away to school her first year we gave her this picture of the four of us to keep her from getting too homesick!

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  1. This post cracks me up Brenda! We can relate as your family 'portraits' are similar to ours. For some reason, posing is hard for us too. The only way we can get a good picture is to say "act crazy!" :) We have a sign on our wall that says "We may not be fancy, but we sure are fun!" That says it all! Thanks for posting. :) Karena


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