Friday, June 15, 2012

5 Minute Friday...Do you have enough Light for your Path??

Today is 5 Minute Friday. One word...five editing....just whatever comes to mind. Head on over to The Gypsy Mama for more posts on this one word. Today's word is PATH.


When our kids go to camp we make sure and send a flashlight with them. Its so they have that extra assurance that they can see where they are going at night. This light allows them to see the immediate path ahead, not the whole path, just a few feet in front of them. We want them to be safe and not stumble and fall over some unforeseen object.

As we journey through this thing called life, we too need a flashlight. This is not a floodlight, it is one that lights just enough of our path so we don't stumble and fall. Our flashlight is the Bible. 

Your word is a lamp to my feet 
And a light to my path.
Psalm 119:105

God's word is enough light to help me through my days. Lately I have had a wee bit of added stress in my life. Moving will do that to a person. There are days I let that stress build up and its not pretty. But what I am discovering is that the days I spend some quality time in God's word and praying, those are the days that are easier to walk through. We are still waiting for a buyer to come, and there are days I wish I had a flood light so I could see far enough down the path to see who that buyer will be. But, for now God is lighting my path just enough to help me get through each day. His word calms me down and assures me that He is in control...He knows what He is doing. I just need to stay grounded in His word and keep heading down the path He has chosen for me.

How about you? Don't forget to use your flashlight today!!!


  1. Thank you for this post!! I know I am supposed to be encouraging you, but your post is an encouragement to me. How often we forget to use our flashlight, we continue to stumble around in the dark attempting to find our own way, the whole time God is just saying "flip the switch, let me show you the Way". I pray that you will be able to keep your focus on him during these stressful days of moving, know that peace and restoration comes from Him alone. Good luck to you! :)

    By His Grace,
    Heather Bowen

  2. "Just enough light for the step I'm on" - but oh, how I long for a flood light, too! I'm a planner, organizer, "everything has to be ready" kind of person and waiting for God to show the next step is a painful process. Your are so right - quality time in the word is the key. Blessings today!

  3. Love this post! It is so true - I'm always hoping for a flood light so I can see the entire path before I start walking. But God he is so faithful to give us enough light for the very next step, and the next, and then the next. It keeps us ever clinging to Him, doesn't it?


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