Friday, June 8, 2012

5 Minute Friday...when expectations are too high...

 Today is 5 Minute Friday. This exercise of writing for five minutes is so awesome. It really helps me put different aspects of my life in perspective. Funny how one word can trigger so many feeling and thoughts! Read my thoughts on the word for today, but then head over to Gypsy Mama to see how other people have interpreted the word for today.

Today's word is EXPECTATION!


As you know we are trying to sell our home. When we put the for sale sign in the yard, we got a call within an hour!! So our expectations were that this house was going to sell within the first few days. Nothing really came from that one call. So, we are now waiting. With high expectations can come disappointment and doubt and stress.

God has been working on me. He is reminding me that every other home we have owned did sell. Each time it was in God's timing. God's timing on this sell is different from ours. So I have been having to do lots of praying and readjusting of my expectations. I believe God is trying to get me to trust Him even more.

Brian and I adopted a new attitude yesterday. We need to be more in prayer for the people who will live in this home, that our house would be a blessing to them. We realized all it needs is one family to look at the house. God could have sent dozens of buyers, but that could discourage us as well, with a dozen rejections. Selling a home is personal, if someone doesn't like the home you put all your love and sweat can sting a bit.

So my new expectation is that God will find the perfect couple for this home. I am daily and hour by hour turning this home over to God. No longer do I expect to walk away with a huge profit, I expect to walk away knowing we treated the new family with kindness and respect and in even the sell of this home we were a witness to them!!

Today I read Philippians 2:4...Each of you should look not only to your own interests but to the interests of others. That hit me that I need to pray more for the family who will one day live here and not think about just getting money out of this house.

Thank you Jesus for allowing me to see my expectations on the sale of this home have been too high!! It will happen in you timing! You are never too early or too late!!


  1. What a great reminder on trusting God and his perfect timing! I can relate to you, we have had our house on the market for 11 months now, and it can feel personal when someone looks at it and doesn't want it, or see it like we do :) All the sweat, blood and tears you put into your home to make it your home, its hard to let that go! Thanks for the reminder to pray for the people who will buy our home someday, and yours!! and that God will work it all out in His perfect timing, He always does! Praying your home sells quickly, and that You will have peace and joy thru it all! So excited to see you soon in Roseau :) :)

    1. Didn't know your house was for sale! Why didn't we look at it then??? :)

    2. Lol! :) Our house is a smaller home, about 10 miles out of Roseau! We outgrew it with our 4 kiddos :) The house you bought looks great! The funny thing is I actually used to babysit some kids who lived there when I was in high school :) very nice home! It looks great:) The neighborhood looks wonderful too:)

  2. Wonderful insights Brenda!!!! Thank you so much for posting this!

  3. There are always new, unthought-of, ways of seeing things. :) Lessons to be learned! Thank God! :)
    Thank you for bringing me here with your comment on my post :)

  4. Great insight into who we should be trusting! But it's hard in our day-to-day lives to always remember this, especially when our human nature has great expectations. :)


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