Friday, December 2, 2011

5 Minute Friday...Tired

 Today is 5 Minute Friday.

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Today's topic....Tired

 Yesterday I decided it was time to get out the Christmas decorations and do some house cleaning. I love cranking Christmas music and getting all my nativities arranged just so. I even got my husband involved, he totally rearranged our bedroom! By 7:00 o'clock last night I was complaining about being tired, I wasn't just a little tired I was know can barely keep your eyes opened tired. All from my preparations for Christmas. What an exhausting holiday.

This morning I got to thinking about me being tired yesterday from just moving some boxes and placing some Nativities. My preparations for Christmas are nothing compared to the preparations for the first Christmas. Mary and Joseph had to travel a long way to be part of the first Nativity. They didn't complain and so why should I? If our preparations for Christmas make us so tired, then I dare say we aren't doing it right. I do not want my focus this year to be on the to do list, or what's expected of me, my focus needs to be on that first Christmas and the enormity of it. I need to place my eyes on the reason for the season. Maybe, just maybe, if I do it right, then I won't be tired, but energized and excited by the season!!!


  1. Yes, Brenda. I totally agree. Christmas is enormous, and it isn't about making us tired, or worried. I hope that you are energized and excited about the season - you have brought a smile to my face today!


  2. I thank the Lord for the gift He has given you--putting words & thoughts together to give spiritual perspective and encouragement!

  3. What a lovely site you have, Brenda! I, too, love placing my nativities during the Christmas season! So special! And a lovely post! Thanks for visiting my site yesterday and for leaving a comment. It's always a joy to meet and be in touch with other sisters in Christ...especially fellow pw's! Makes us know that we're not alone! Thank you so much for visiting!

    All My Love,

  4. So true...

    Hopefully rest is your friend this weekend...

  5. Amen!! Hope you were able to get some rest this weekend!


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