Saturday, December 24, 2011

20 years ago...

 20 years ago today our lives were blessed with the presence of a baby girl. What a precious gift she is. Her name is Abigail which means source of joy and this is truly what she is.

Some people think having a birthday on Christmas Eve is a bad thing, but not Abby! She has always loved having her birthday so close to Christmas. In fact for many years, she and Jesus shared a birthday cake!

Abby is not a cowgirl, but she did spend a year in Texas!
These pictures are a tribute to your year in Texas Abby!

20 Facts about our Abby

1) She was walking at 8 months!
2) She didn't walk for long, by two, she ran everywhere! (even places she shouldn't have!)
3) One very big problem she has as a toddler was she would lie about everything. A lot of prayer and good old fashioned discipline and she is now the most honest person I know.
4) She became a Christian at a very young age. Her sister Ashley led her to the Lord.
5) Abby was not born with an internal compass. Let's just say directions are not her thing!
6) When she was younger she was really into gymnastics, in fact she would do cartwheels down the grocery store aisle without even realizing she did it.
7) Abby's favorite color is purple.
8) Abby hates geese!
9) She also dislikes magicians, thanks to a traumatic experience when she was younger.
10) Abby played volleyball and basketball in jr. high and high school. 
11) Abby has a heart for missions, especially the country of North Korea.
12) Abby has a huge heart for Jesus!
13) Abby is a great poet and song writer.
14) She spent one year at His Hill Bible School and grew even closer to the Lord.
15) Abby has worked as a camp counselor for a few summers and is so good with the kids.
16) She loves to play both guitar and piano.
17) She is currently attending Oak Hills Christian College with a major in Intercultural Studies.
18) She and her dad bond over being middle kids.
19) Abby almost always has a smile on her face.
20) God has always given her perfect roommates, from her sister to her roomies in Texas to her roomie at Oak Hills. 

Happy Birthday Abby!!! I love you very much!! I am so excited to continue watching God work in your life. I know He has amazing things in store for you.

This poem was written by Abby and shows her heart:

Simply Jesus
by A.N.H
The cross
So simple
His death
So true
It demonstrates the depth
Of His love for me and you

Without Him we’d be nothing
We’d be separate from God
But with Him we have everything
And that brings me to my knees

It’s Jesus, simply Jesus
He’s more than I could ever dream
Cuz it’s Jesus, simply Jesus
He is all I need

The question
So common
The answer:
One Way
His death gave us life
His greatness displayed

God living in the flesh
Humble enough to die
But Mighty enough to conquer death
And that makes me bow in awe

Cuz it’s Jesus, simply Jesus
He’s more than I could ever dream
Cuz it’s Jesus, simply Jesus
He is all I need

It’s You Jesus! It’s You!
You are more than I could ever dream!
It’s you, Jesus, simply You
You are all I need!!
You’re more than I could need!

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  1. Abby,
    You are a blessing in my life your continued support both spiritual and with your words is greatly loved!


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