Friday, December 30, 2011

5 Minute Friday..Open

It's 5 minute Friday again! Five minutes to write on one topic, no editing, just my thoughts on one word!

Today's word is Open.

Ready, set, go....

Open is the word for the days. I am thinking of open doors. What doors will the Lord open for me and my family in 2012?

 My son will be graduating in May and leaving for college in August. Right now it seems as though he has two open doors before him. One leads to Texas, the other to Ohio. Which one will he take? Lord guide him as he prays about this decision.

My daughter Abby, is praying for one day a door to open to a country that is hostile to US citizens. Lord, you know her heart is very mission minded, I pray you would continue to work in her life and lead her to the open door that will help her follow her heart for you.

As Ashley and Larry embark on their new life together starting on March 3rd, I pray for open doors for them. That you would show them what your will for their lives is. Seminary? Kids? Guide them Lord, make obvious to them the open doors.

Lord, in my own life as my husband and I face so many changes this year, I pray for open doors as well. What ministry do you have in store for me once this nest is empty. Show me Lord what your plan is for me! Not only show me open doors, but open the eyes of my heart!



  1. Lots of new doors opening in your neck of the woods.

    May you have a blessed 2012!

  2. wow. change! so much change! I pray you embrace it. you are not alone...they aren't leaving they are just doing new things...

    I went to school in texas it's a great state and dallas is a great city but I don't know what college he's thinking about....have a great year! you got this!

  3. What beautiful prayers and hopes for your loved ones!

  4. Everything is so exciting!
    Have a wonderful 2012!

  5. So many choices and only God holds the road map. I like the header on your blog. Nice to find you thru FMF!


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