Monday, May 21, 2012

Goliath Academy's Final Graduation...

This has been a full week and weekend in our home. Our son Caleb graduated from high school. Such a bittersweet time for all of us. We are so proud of the man Caleb has become and so excited for his future. There were tears a plenty...mostly from me!

On Friday night Brian invited four men to our home to have supper with Caleb. He invited men who have been great examples and mentors to Caleb. Each man spoke to Caleb about what being a man means and they challenged him to live his life as a godly man. (I wasn't invited, since I'm not a man!). They each gave him an arrow with their challenge on it. The four areas he was challenged in are reject passivity, accept responsibility,  lead courageously, and expect the greater reward. (from Robert Lewis' book Raising a Modern Day Knight). This was a special night for Caleb.

Caleb receiving his arrow from our son-in-law Larry.

On Saturday, we traveled to Des Moines so Caleb could take part in the Network of Iowa Christian Home Educator's graduation. There were 65 graduating in the afternoon session with Caleb. The way this graduation works is pretty neat. The parent's and kids all march in together to Pomp and Circumstance. The kids are seated together in one section and the parents in another. There is a speaker and then my favorite part...handing out the diplomas. We met Caleb on stage, he presented me with a rose while down on one knee...I cried...then Brian presented the diploma. While we were doing this a narrator is reading about Caleb and then read a message to him from Brian and I.

This is what was read:

We are both so proud of the man of God you have become.  We look up to you today physically but also spiritually because of the man you have become.  Keep standing tall for the Lord.  God has blessed you with so many gifts.  We pray you will continue to use all of your gifts and abilities to serve the Lord wherever He places you in this world.
Mom and Dad

A big hug for my graduate!

The girls missed him....but I got a kiss in there!

Graduating Class of 2012

He looks smarter already!
 On Sunday, we had the party!!! Lots of prep, but all totally worth it. We celebrated Caleb that day with lots of ideas from Pinterest!! Oh where would be without it? We served cupcakes...but not just any cupcakes. We made them to look like the periodic table to celebrate Caleb's choice of college major...forensic chemistry.

First me made a giant periodic table...

The table with all the cupcakes placed in their spots.

What's a party without slushies??
Chocolate grad hats...very popular!!

Son-in-law hard at work manning the slushie machine!

Guest book table...we had people sign the Dr. Suess book "Oh the Places You'll Go."

Table decorations...complete with smarties and Caleb confetti.

Abby posing with Caleb's basketball poster.

Caleb enjoying good friends coming to celebrate with him.

More awesome friends...

Four of my favorite people ever!!!


  1. Congrats to your graduate How exciting to for you to see him move onwards. Loved your ideas for the party signing the guest book "oh the places you will go" is an excellent idea:)

  2. Thank you for sharing your homeschool graduation story. You brought tears to my eyes as I read about you and your husband on stage with your son.
    Congratulations and blessings to all of you!
    Thanks so much for joining up at NOBH!


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