Monday, August 1, 2011

If God had tech support...

"Hello...welcome to XYZ Computer Company. Your call will be answered shortly, please enter your account number to speed up your hold time, estimated hold time 3 minutes."

Beep, Beep, Beep goes the phone as I enter in the 6 digits, and then after 6 minutes I get a person. He asks all kinds of questions about what the problem is, I do all the things to my computer he tells me to; to no avail. Sigh...

"I'm sorry ma'am, this problem requires a call to the ABC Computer Company, here's their number."

"Hello, you have reached the ABC Computer Company, if your problem is with technical support, please dial 1....ok, if you know the name of your operating system please say it now...ok, please give me your phone number." All this and then I get a real person, who asks for all the information I just gave! He realizes he needs to connect me to tech support. (I thought this guy was tech support!) "Please hold while I figure out how long you are going to need to hold." 5 minutes later..."Your hold time will be 3 minutes."

The 3rd person I talk to tells me he has to take control of my computer to find the problem. So I sit back and watch him take control and fix the problem!! Total time on my part 90 minutes!

Probably not a good idea to call tech support on a Monday morning, but I had a lot of time to think while on hold. I decided I am so glad that God does not use technology when it comes to listening to our prayers, problems, tears, and praises. When I need "tech support" from God all I have to do is start talking and He's there. Imagine if God had a phone tree for us to go to with our prayers. "Dial 1 for prayer requests, 2 for praises, 3 for flare prayers..." That would be so frustrating!

Then I also got to thinking about the way my computer got fixed. I turned complete control over my computer over to a total stranger. Why? Because I figured he had all the right answers and could fix my computer. I just sat there and watched as he opened and closed programs and fixed the problem. How often do we trust God with total control of our lives? We may "call" Him up and ask for His help, but do we turn over control to Him? Complete control? After all, isn't God smarter than a guy from tech support? Doesn't He know exactly what we need?

So I'm thankful that God does not use an automated answering system for my prayers and I need to give Him the controls! He knows more than me and He hasn't steered me wrong yet! The only time I crash is when I try and take over the controls again!!


  1. Thank you for linking up at Sweet Blessings! This is my first visit to your blog, it is lovely! I look forward to reading more.

    Praise God He doesn't use technology to answer us. Automated calls can be so frustrating. I pray that I never give God an automated answer and ask Him to hold.

  2. Great post! I got here by way of the iFellowship blog hop on Seeds of Faith (i linked up, too!) have a wonderful day!!

  3. Brenda, what a great post! I'm so glad we can get through to HIM any time we or night. Thank you for linking up with us. :)


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