Thursday, May 19, 2011

God's amazing design...

The hubby and I are on a bit of a getaway this week. We are in Texas picking up our daughter from school. She's got some end of the year commitments so Brian and I are enjoying a few days, just the two of us! It has been extremely relaxing and an amazing time for us! We've been taking in the local flavor and doing some touristy things as well.
The Haven River Inn...our refuge 

Last night we found ourselves at an amazing hamburger place, literally in the middle of nowhere. Best burgers ever! You need about a couple dozen napkins, but very good!

Just down the road is the Old Tunnel Wildlife Management Area. It's main attraction is bats. Yes, that's right bats. Every night between 7:30 and 8:30 the bats come out of the tunnel they live in to eat. It's an amazing sight. Last night there were 300,000 bats that came out, they come out in an almost tornado looking formation. By August we were told that there are 3 million bats that come out, it takes 45 minutes for them to all get out of the tunnel, last night it only took 7 minutes.

As we chatted with the park guy we became very intrigued by these bats and their story and God's design. Somehow they know the right time of day to come out and feed on the insects. Coincidence, I think not. God designed them to instinctively know when to come out.

Before the bats exit the cave, they send out scouts, to see if it's safe. These scouts are barren females, they just know they are the ones to risk their lives for the family of bats living in the tunnel. Not only do the bats know when to leave the tunnel, but its predators are very aware of their exit timing as well. The close to 8:30 it got, hawks and vultures started circling for a quick snack. Snakes even lie in wait on cliffs striking out at unsuspecting bats.

As the park's guy explained more and more about the bats, we were in awe at God's design. How can you look at something in God's creation and not see God's hand in it. These bats know when to feed, who to send as scouts and every year millions of them return to this exact tunnel.

Maybe because we had been in God's creation all day and enjoying the diversity of Texas, it just struck us how awesome God is. Everything He made has a function. Without those bats, we would have a serious insect problem. God has made some amazing creations and even though a bat is a bit creepy to most of us, it really is an amazing animal. It is equipped with just what it needs to survive.

The earth is the LORD’s, and everything in it,
   the world, and all who live in it..
Psalm 24:1
God saw all that he had made, and it was very good...
Genesis 1:31
Just remember when you see animals, nature, and even people...all were made by God. Not just made by God; designed by God. The word designed shows that God knew just what he was doing with each and everyone of his creation! He is amazing!!!

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