Monday, April 25, 2011

My Feelings His Facts...

My Feeling His Facts
by A.N.H.

My Feelings. His facts.

Having nothing. Having everything.

Having no one. Having the One.

Feeling rejected. Feeling accepted.

Totally abandoned by them. Totally abandoned to Him.

Feeling empty. Feeling filled.

Overcome with loneliness. Overcome with wholeness.

Wanting them. Having Him.

Seeing them fail. Watching Him heal.

Wanting them to see me. Knowing HE’S watching me.

Wanting to be liked. Knowing He Loves.

Satan’s lies. God’s truth.

Harsh world. Caring Savior.

My feelings. God’s facts.

This picture is of my daughter Abby. It totally embraces her and her love for Jesus. She is totally abandoned to Him. That does not mean she is without struggles, we all are. I wanted to share this picture and one of her poems with you today. They inspire me and hopefully will you as well. Abby is in the process of a major life decision and I am asking you to pray with me for her as she makes this decision. She is trying to listen to God and do His will. 

** Abby has made her decision, thanks for praying!! She knows at least what she's doing next year with her life.

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