Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Cracked Life...

God has this way of giving me illustrations in many different places. One such illustration is one that I get the opportunity to think on several times a week, as I clean our church. This particular illustration involves the women's restroom in our church. 

By now you are probably wondering where I am going with this. Well in this restroom there is an ongoing problem with a leak somewhere in our roof. 

 This is what the ceiling and walls have looked like all winter. Its a source of stress for our property guys who are trying very hard to find the leak. Each summer there is work done on the roof and we think, yeah its fixed. So the walls are fixed with new drywall and are prepped for new paint. By then it is winter again and the snow begins to fly. It is then that the leak shows up again and makes us want to pull out our hair!

No matter how good we try to make that wall look, it will always return to this state. That is until we find and fix the source of the problem.

So application time. I've begun to see this wall as a view into my spiritual life. What am I trying to cover up with drywall and paint? What is lurking underneath? Do I put on my mask on Sunday and allow people to think that all is well underneath? Do I even fool myself that all is ok? Am I willing to dig deeper into my life and see what needs to be done to fix my leaks? As Patsy Clairmont says, we are all cracked pots! God is the ultimate sculptor. If I allow him access to my leaky, cracked life He can create something beautiful; a person who is fully submitted to Him!!!

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