Friday, May 10, 2013

Five Minute Friday...Comfort in Comfort...

After taking a few weeks off, I am back and of course I need to jump in on Five Minute Friday! One word, five minutes, no editing. This week has been a week of reflection for me, our oldest daughter and her husband are graduating on Saturday. Time truly does seem to fly by! I feel like it was just yesterday this daughter of ours was born. So today's word has caused me to reflect on a time in her life, today's word is COMFORT.

Comfort, Texas isn't a big town. It's nestled in the hill country of Texas, just north of San Antonio. There isn't a mall there, unless of course you count the antique mall. This town will always hold a special place in my heart and the heart of my two daughters. You see there is a small Bible school located just outside Comfort. This school is called His Hill Bible School. Both Ashley and Abby attended there for one year right out of high school. The year was tough, there was homesickness, but there was also growth. The staff there are amazing, they take these kids and make them family. It is a small school, so it is easy to get to know everybody on staff.

I love that this school is located near Comfort, Texas. As a parent it was hard to drive over 20 hours south and leave your daughter there. However, we were "Comforted" by the fact that this is where God wanted them. They were surrounded by people who cared about them and prayed for them even before they arrived on campus.

This amazing place helped shaped each of our daughters into the amazing women of God they are today. They grew in their faith and made it their own. I love watching the way God is working in them. As our oldest daughter and her husband graduate and prepare to move 31 hours away, I am comforted once again that they will be exactly where God wants them to be. They may not be moving to Comfort, Texas, but they are following God's will. That gives me joy and excitement and comfort that God is the one watching over them. Just as He has been doing from day one!

Oh and congratulations on graduating  Ashley and Larry!!! I am so proud of both of you!!!!


  1. It is so wonderful that God puts people into our lives when we need them most. Thank you so much for sharing this. Blessings!

  2. Isn't that just like God to give you a season in true Comfort to recall His comfort at moments like these - when our babies are moving on in life? Congrats Ashley and Larry! Thanking God for the legacy of a firm foundation.

  3. Such a cool post. I love how you used a city of all things to describe this word and what a beautiful place it has in your family's life. Thank you for sharing!!

  4. i love Comfort, Texas -- and the hill country of Texas is very comforting to me! I live about 3 hours from there. I have kids graduating too and it makes my heart so full of proud joy that they follow God and His leading. Oh how I wish I would have been there when I was 20!!!

  5. You have every reason to be a proud mama! I hold on tight to my girls and I am very impressed with your ability to be so gracious about it. Bless you for showing me a good example!

  6. Your faith and trust that He is putting your children exactly where He wants them to be is beautiful. My son is in the military and the distance and length of time between visits is hard, but I find comfort in seeing how God is working in his life. Your words are both beautiful and inspirational. Bless you.


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