Friday, April 26, 2013

For my Abby...


Oh how I have enjoyed looking at your engagement pictures...the love between you two is so evident. It is so genuine and there is just the right amount of fun and laughter mixed in!

Abby you have such a radiance about you. This radiance has been there a long time, your love for Jesus has bubbled out as long as I can remember. You love and enthusiasm for Him is part of what Josh finds attractive in you....don't ever lose that excitement for your first love. It is that love that will make it possible for you to show Josh the love and respect he needs.

Your dad and I have prayed for you since before you were born. Those prayers for you only intensified the minute we laid eyes on you...our Christmas Eve babe! We have prayed so many things for you over the years and have been excited to see God answering many of them. One such prayer for your future husband; how exciting it is for us to get to pray for him by name now. Dad and I both love you so much and our prayers for you will continue!

Life is a bit hectic for you right now. In the midst of finishing up this semester, planning a wedding and also planning a marriage; don't forget to take time to laugh, take time to hold hands, take time to dream, and most importantly take time to pray!

I love you Abby!!!


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