Thursday, November 29, 2012

Today's a special day...

This past year I had the privilege of becoming a mother-in-law! Larry has truly become a member of  our family. About a month ago I figured out just how much he is like a son to me when I received a text with the following picture:

 This is a picture of Larry preaching at his home church. When I got this text I was instantly so proud of him and found myself tearing up! He's one of my kids and I'm so proud of him!! 

Today is Larry's like I do with each of my's blog is meant to honor him and celebrate with him. Larry is a unique guy, last year for his birthday he received this from us:

You gotta love a guy who likes to sew! So we gave him my sewing machine.

Larry is a great husband to my daughter, he makes her smile, he comforts her when she's down, he leads her, he loves her, he is perfect for her!! He is a brother to both Abby and Caleb. He is protective of Abby and helps make sure her car is cared for at school. He and Caleb are just like brothers, they love to do nerdy things together, Legos, Minecraft, and Madden. He just fits into our family so nicely!

Happy birthday Larry....I hope you know that you are loved!!!

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