Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Word Filled Wednesday...Worry...

Worry is something I am good at. I am a classic "what if" thinker. But what good does this do me? Will obsessing and worrying over something really help? NO! Over the years I have learned the best thing for me to do is to let go and let God. In my journal I pour out all that I am worrying about whether it be a rational or irrational worry, I give it to God, I lay it at the foot of the cross. To help me with this I actually draw a picture of a cross and underneath I write my burdens, for me it helps to have a visual of giving it to Him. Do I still catch myself worrying? Yes, those worries tend to jump back at me and I do it all over again. This process really helps me to trust Him. So a new math equation for me is worry = trust!


  1. Love your choice of verse today!

  2. Very good verse for the times we are all in. Thank you!


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