Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Word Filled Wednesday...teach them...

We need to be telling our children the truths of God's word and the amazing things God has done for us. It should become so second nature that we literally are singing God's praises in all we do, when we are at home, on a trip, going to bed. Constantly through the day our kids need to hear from us just who God is and what He has done for us and how to pray to Him!!!!


  1. That is just so important. At 70 I can give testimony to Christian parents and Grandparents on both sides and a Godly upbringing. God has never failed one word of His good promises.

  2. Amen and AMEN! Vital for parents - and just as vital for grandparents - and one of the best ways of leaving a sweet spiritual legacy in their hearts and minds.

  3. Amen, Brenda!
    What a great word for this Momma this morning.
    Happy WFW...

  4. It is our prayer that we may be able to teach our children the "Truth"


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