Thursday, February 27, 2014

A rather significant day...

 There are dates that will always have meaning, all it takes is hearing that date and memories are conjured up. To most people the date February 27, 1964 is not one of those significant days. Well, it is to me. That just so happens to be the day my husband was born. I can't help thinking that the sun shone just a bit brighter that day.  If you are any good at math then you will have already figured out that makes my husband 50 today! So, today marks a milestone in his life. And just in case we might forget, our insurance company has sent out several reminders that the oldest member is our family is getting older! How sweet of them, too bad  their intent wasn't just to wish him a good day, but to remind him he costs more to insure now! 

To mark this monumental day in his life our family has compiled a list of 50 things we love and appreciate or special memories we have of Brian! 

Happy birthday BK...we all love you!

10 things to love about Grandpa from Ellie:

1. Educational song time with Grandpa! What does the fox say?
2. Cuddle time!
3. People sure think I am cute and they say that I got some of my looks from your part of the family, thanks!
4. Having a fun Grandpa who I know will tell me stories (got any good ones about my mommy?).
5. I love Skype time with Grandpa, because it makes him seem not so far away.
6. We both are fans of blue and orange (my favorite animals to watch on my mobile are my orange giraffe & blue elephant!), I am a Bronco fan in the making (despite their recent loss...).
7. Mommy and Daddy say you live in a fun place called "Minnesota," I can't wait to visit you there!
8. You like showing my picture to other people whenever you can, I know that you are proud of me and that you love me!
9. You love me enough to clean up my messes! Changing my diaper, now that is real love.
10. I am proud to have you as my Grandpa!

10 things to love about dad from the Klingsheims:

1. We loved having you officiate our wedding! It made a special day even more special and personal. We still have our keys hanging up as a reminder of your message!
2. Such a giver! Larry will never forget the Christmas of 2010. ;)
3. You make family a priority. I still remember all of our fun family nights, dad and daughter dates, and meals where we ignored the phone when it rang because you valued us!
4. You allow us to follow God's call in our lives, even if that means living way out east in Massachusetts.
5. We can share our love of coffee together! I love all of our conversations over a cup of coffee, even that time we had a coffee date over the phone. It was just what I needed!
6. You have displayed a godly marriage for us. We hope that our marriage stays as strong and as fun as yours!
7. "DAAAAD! Can you turn over the Adventures in Odyessy????" :)
8. Growing up eating your breakfasts... YUMMY!!
9. Your sense of humor. Sometimes I say something funny and Larry tells me that is something that you would say, I take it as a compliment every time.
10. Your selfless service. Whether it is part of your job or not it seems like you always find yourself in the position to help people (in big or little ways). What an example of Christ-like love.

 10 things to love about dad from the Larsens:

1. We are MKs (Middle kids), and we stick together. Always.- Abby
2. He makes me laugh. When we would have friends come over he would always make us laugh so hard, we never could eat because he would make us laugh too much! - Abby
3. “Dad, can you come change my Odyssey?” Yep, we would ask him to change our cassette tapes we listened to while going to sleep, and he would… most of the time. He is the best dad ever! He is always willing to serve others and I never hear him complain.- Abby
4. Our shared love for music. Like that Steven Curtis Chapman/ Audio Adrenaline concert he took me to when I was three and learning to play the guitar from him.- Abby
5. My dad baptized me at Mt. Elim when I was 8. He has always been a great spiritual leader for our family and a great example for me in my faith.- Abby
6. Getting to shoot him with paint balls at my bachelor party- Josh
(You should have seen all the welts!)
7. Spending time, a LOT of time, fixing the hot tub. –Josh
(I thought it was sweet that they could have bonding time being Mr. Fix-its)-Abby
8. Working on/talking about sound equipment- Josh
9. First time we meet at Cantabria to talk about me pursuing Abby- Josh
(They were sneaky because I had no clue!)- Abby
10. Seeing the qualities you have shown as the provider for your family: generosity, accountability, and openness- Josh

 10 things to love about dad from Caleb and Brittany:

This is the only picture of Caleb, Brittany and Brian I have! Will be sure to get more at the wedding!

1. Took me to my first NFL football game, which happened to be Broncos vs. Seahawks.
2. Passed on his enjoyment for the game of golf to me. 
3. Officiant at many weddings, most importantly, his three children’s weddings.
4. Three words: Leche con carne.
5. Taught me how to drive (even if the first instruction occurred at age 13 in a parking lot).
6. Inspiration to pursue pastoral ministry.
7. Is letting me “steal” his youngest child. from Brittany
8. Best Monday School teacher ever! 
9. Supportive, encouraging, dedicated, inspiring father. 
10. Getting one more Haynes on June 21! The name will live on!

My 10 favorite memories of Brian: 

1. July 2, 1988...the day you let me steal your last name!
2. Seeing the look of love in your eyes as you met each of our children.
3. The day you came up with the idea for the Goliath Project...I love how you dream big.
4. The day you asked me out. I was on cloud 9 the rest of the day! 
5. All things Olympic with you...2002 Salt Lake City Games...2014 US Curling Trials.
6. The way you tear up when you hear certain songs on the precious.
7. Walking out of my dorm room and being surprised by you standing in the hall! A short, but fun visit.
8. The day you baptized me. That was amazing.
9. Memorizing our first scripture together...Psalm 1.
10. There are so many more days and memories...impossible to list them all. My life is so much richer because you are in it! I am blessed to have you as my "old man"!


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