Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Some random things I learned at Women of Faith this year....

Last weekend I was able to attend Women of Faith. It was an awesome time connecting with God. It was an awesome time connecting with 10,000 of my closest female friends! After two days, I managed to pick up some things that I believe will be of value to you.

*When you get there early, you have plenty of room to shop and relax in your seat, because once everyone shows up your personal space is limited.  
If you are a late person, this is what it looks like when you arrive as the gates open.

*Patsy Clairmont was speaking and casually mentioned something she had shared in an interview on marriage. Basically if you and your husband are fighting, the best way to neutralize it is to get naked. (Let me know if it works!)

*Anita Renfroe is hilarious and says it like it is. Ladies as you get older and have a hard time losing weight, she says if you can't lose it decorate it. So go out and buy some tops with bling on them!

*If you buy a smoothie as a way of avoiding the mini donuts, be sure and get the smoothie size with a lid. If you don't and you put it in your cup holder chances are high that the girl with super long hair in front of you is going to get her hair in that $10 smoothie!

Smoothie before the whole hair incident!

*If you aren't touchy feely this is not the place for you. Before the first speaker even hit the stage we had held hands, hugged, and massaged the ladies next to us, whether we knew them or not!

*When leaving and you tuck your phone in your sweater careful. Sometimes those sweaters like to hang down and get shut in your car door...taking your phone out of commission at the same time. This is important to remember if your phone is your GPS and only source of finding your hotel in the dark!

*It is possible to attend this event and not text, facebook, instagram, or check the time every five minutes. In fact believe it or not, it makes it easier to actually pay attention!

*Odds are great that you will lock yourself out of your hotel a swimming suit and a wedding party will arrive just as you reach the front desk in this swimming suit! Good thing I got a cute that decorates what I can't lose!!

*If you go to Women of Faith or any conference with the right attitude, God can and will work on your heart through the worship, the speakers, the ladies you sit by, random people you meet from Canada, you name it and God can use it! He will comfort a hurting heart, He will give you the gift of laughter, you will get hugs when you need them most, tears will fall and nobody will stare at you, He will challenge you to grow and to step outside your comfort zone.

*If you are unable to attend Women of Faith, God can and will still show up in your daily life! He's just that awesome! So let Him in!!!!


  1. I soo love your comment that God can meet you there and that the right attitude is very important!. I had such a great time there, soo many good things to hear!! I also loved what Lisa ?? shared about the lioness, what a great challenge for us women! My other favorite was from Bart, the lead singer from Mercy Me, had to share about Grace! Loved the whole weekend except that my "original" seat was on a balcony, but I had a friend who was willing to chair hop (just thinking about the great seats we had for the concert still makes me laugh) :) Thanks for sharing your thoughts

  2. Oh I know I could fill up several blog posts on the lessons I learned that weekend. Every speaker had something of great depth.


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