Sunday, June 9, 2013

Lenny made me cry...

I knew it was bound to happen. I didn't know for sure when or what would trigger it; but I knew tears were inevitable today. I wondered if it would be when she carried her last suitcase out of her room or when the number of the countdown changed from 7 to 6. The thing that triggered them was not anything I expected. Lenny made me cry!

Who is Lenny you might ask? Lenny has been Abby's companion for more than 10 years, he came to her one year for Valentine's Day. Lenny has been almost everywhere Abby has traveled, he is looking well loved from years of attention. Abby left today to prepare for her wedding and this is one event Lenny will be missing. He is sitting on her bed...alone.

Both Brian and I realized the significance of this event. Seeing this simple stuffed animal left behind put tears in both of our eyes. We know how much she has loved Lenny, this seemingly small event is truly big, it is our little girl's way of showing she is grown up. She is ready for this new adventure...marriage!

She may be leaving some of the things of her childhood behind, but thankfully the one thing we prayed the most for her is going with her. Abby's faith is rock solid, Jesus is truly her number one love!!

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