Monday, October 22, 2012

A few lessons I've learned.

After three months of living in Northern Minnesota, I have learned a thing or two. 

*It takes less time to get a United States Passport than it does to get a Minnesota Driver's License (and less paper work too!)

*It is not casserole, it's hotdish.

*Hockey...kind of a big deal here! (yep, there's a few NHL and Olympians that began here!)

*You don't say "that's funny" say "oh for funny."

*When you live near Polaris, it is not uncommon to see a snowmobile go down your street...even when there is no snow!

*Border Patrol does not appreciate a good sense of humor. And when entering the US they will take your picture as you pull up, so try to look your best. :)

*The people here truly are Minnesota Nice!!

After a few months of the empty nest, I have also learned a thing or two.

*A gallon of milk and a loaf of bread last a really long time!

*Cooking for two is an art form I have not yet mastered, especially goulash! Lots of leftovers at our house!

*Brian and I can be more spontaneous. (if we plan it!)

*My husband has really good shoulders when I need a good cry!

*It is true you can feel joy and sadness at the same time. (Joy because our kids are following the Lord, sadness because my heart is still a homeschooling mom.)

*God is amazing and He grows us most in the valley!

*Our kids still needs us. Love when they ask for advice or prayer!

So all the boxes are unpacked, we feel settled and yet unsettled at the same time. There is still so much to learn, so many adventures to take, so many new people to share life with. We have good days and we have bad days. We feel so blessed that God has given us this opportunity, we know He's growing us into better people. We are learning patience, but we know that one day we will wake up and realize just how at home we are here...things won't all be new for us. We won't be newbies anymore, the roots will begin to grow and Northern Minnesota will truly be home. How fun will it be to not have to stop and think about the answer to the question; "So, where are you from?"

** Oh and something else I've learned, you really can decorate with's a few examples in my home!


  1. I love your decorating projects! So fun and lively!
    I live in Calif and have always loved the students who arrive from Minnesota the most. There is just some undefinable sincerity and niceness about them. Enjoy your new adventure.

    1. Thanks for the kinds words and the visit!

  2. "oh for funny?" that's different. it's amazing how different states have different...well, just different.

    in idaho they call creeks "cricks." in georgia corn was "cone."

    great post, blessings~

  3. "Oh, for cute!" :) Great post!


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