Monday, July 2, 2012

Can it really be 24 years already?

Twenty-four years ago, my best friend and I got married. Just thinking about that day makes me smile. What a ride we've been on! We've lived in 8 different houses/apartments (soon to be 9), we lived in Colorado, South Dakota, Colorado again, Iowa and soon Minnesota, we've had 4 church families (soon to be 5), we've raised 3 amazing kids, and gained an equally amazing son-in-law, we've had 3 dogs, 6 cats, numerous fish, we've cried together, laughed together, prayed together,and yes even fought together. We've done it all together and I am so blessed that God gave me this amazing man to share life with.

 Following are the vows we recited to each other that day:

Brian, with joy and thanksgiving I accept your pledge of life and love. God said it is not good for man to be alone, so He created me to be a helpmeet or helper suitable for you. I need you, Brian and I need your love just as we as Christian need Christ and His love. This life I now commit to you has first been committed to God and in my commitment to Him, I will commit myself to you; in obedience to Him, I will obey you; in submission to Him, I will submit to you. I give you now my life and my love and will from this day forward, honor you, respect you and will you to you all that is even yet mine as we are yet two. I will be greatly honored to be you wife, to bear your children and to grow old with you. I love you, Brian and I can rejoice in the knowing that the love I have for you is based on the word of the living God.

Brenda, I thank God for you and praise His name that we have both come to know Jesus as our personal Savior. I believe that God has hand-picked you for me and in His perfect will has brought us together to complete each other and be His faithful servants. I need you, I need your love and your total life. As that need is met, I pray that our love for and obedience to Christ will be perfected. That through our relationship, God will demonstrate to the world around us what Jesus can do in an individual life and and in any relationship. Brenda, I love you, and before God and these people here, I pledge my lift to you. I promise to love you in an understanding way as Christ loves the church. I pledge to care for you, to protect, to honor, and love you no matter what circumstances might be, until death separates us or Jesus Christ returns to take us home. Brenda, I believe God has truly brought us together and this love I have for you no man will put asunder.

Brian...I love you!!!!!

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