Friday, April 20, 2012

5 MInute Friday...Together

Wow...I have not posted anything since last Friday. Life with graduation quickly approaching has found me without much time to ponder. But, I will always take a break for my favorite day...5 Minute Friday. Gypsy Mama has redeemed herself this week with one of my favorite words...TOGETHER!

My family is close. We may not all be living under the same roof anymore, but we remain close. I still get excited about the fun details of their lives, I still hurt when they hurt and my favorite thing is when they text me for prayer. What a privilege that is for me!

Just over 10 years ago our family did a prayer journey that was the ultimate family togetherness. We spent 6 months traveling. We prayed in 48 of the 50 states (Alaska and Hawaii we still owe you some prayer!). Anyway, we literally did everything together and in very close proximity for 6 months. We sat in the Suburban together, we slept most nights in the same room, and we prayed often...together. We were together physically but we were also together in our mission. We all had the same goal. How exciting to see our young children take this mission so seriously.

How exciting to see that today, even with us not being physically together, we all still have the same mission. We all are striving to serve our Lord Jesus. We may not all be doing it the same way, but we all serve the same Lord, and I know that we are all eagerly anticipating hearing our Lord say to us "well done good and faithful servants!"

**one fun note about our prayer trip and togetherness. after spending so much time together in the car, in such close proximity you would think we would spread out when we could. we discovered as we were walking through a store one day we were walking extremely close and in the same order that we had been sitting in the suburban. Brian to my left, with Caleb behind, Ashley behind me and Abby in between them! maybe just maybe we had been together a little too much!!!

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  1. what a wonderful time together...not just physical but spiritual togetherness...does it get any better?! beautiful!
    thanks for sharing...and for dropping by a simple princess


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