Friday, April 13, 2012

5 Minute Friday...My least favorite word...good-bye...

 Each week I look forward to 5 Minute Friday. However as I saw the word for today, I was less than thrilled. You see today's word is my least favorite word. But despite that I knew I needed to plow ahead and write for 5 minutes. Today's word is Good-bye!


Today I look to the great philosopher....Dr. Seuss. He said..."Don't cry because it's because it happened!" This phrase has become my theme for an event coming up in our lives that I am looking to with some hesitation and tearfulness...the empty nest!

Yes, it is coming quickly. I am in the midst of finishing my son's scrapbook, the invitations for his open house are sitting waiting to be addressed, the party is planned. I love a good party, but when its a graduation party it is so bittersweet. This party will be followed all to quickly by a good-bye.

Ready or not, its coming. I have been praying. Caleb is ready. He will do great, in that I have no doubt. Its just that good-bye that proceeds a very long drive home without him that I am not looking forward to. We've done this long drive before as each of our girls started out at a school in Texas. Caleb is attending a different school, but it is in Texas. So on that long drive home, I need to smile that it happened. Being a mother is such an amazing blessing. I will always be their mother, my role is just changing.

I have told Brian that kids really should come with warning labels. I never imagined when they were little how hard saying good-bye to them would be. I of course know it needs to happen, not matter how much I tease Caleb about not allowing him to graduate. This is an exciting time in his life, and no matter how much I will miss him; it will be so much fun to watch God grow him into the man he is meant to be! I have been watching God work in my girls and the only way for them to grow like this is fly out of my nest. If only there were a way to let them go without that pesky little good-bye!


  1. Oh I am not looking forward to those kind of goodbyes in the years to come.

  2. Oh girl, I remember when my son graduated. The good-bye's, the cries, the lingered conversations, the fear, the uncertainty. It was a happy beginning to a new season. Love the Dr. Sues quote!!! Guess what? That son - he's graduating college May 12 and getting married May 18th. Oh my - more good-bye's. He moved into his new home last week. Precious. Hard. Happy. Sad. The mother's heart can feel it all at the same time. Love your post!!

  3. I too am headed all too quickly to graduation. My daughter is going to be a junior in the fall and has already chosen a college. It is bittersweet!

  4. Have not reached the goodbye stage yet. My son is getting ready to graduate from college this month so the time may be sooner than I think. Always an adjustment for me but glad for them! You are doing a good job as a parent when you help them prepare for life without you! Lewis


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